Thursday, June 1, 2017

Disney Baby: Will is Nine Months Old

I can't tell you how much fun we are having watching our boy learn and grow every day. Lots of people told us to enjoy the newborn stage, that it was the easiest and their favorite (I'm looking at you, Mom ;)) but I've personally enjoyed this stage much more. It's amazing to see Will's personality bloom, and he's such a joy to take places, to watch explore his world and learn how to move his body.

From time to time I miss the newborn-ness. His tiny body, the newness, the small poops. But not enough to want to do it again any time soon! Ha.

Here's a recap of Will's past month:

- had his first taste of Steak n' Shake

- visited One Man's Dream for the first time. That boy will know that exhibit like the back of his hand if I have any say in it

- visited his Papa in The Villages and took his first golf cart ride

-had his first trip to the splash pad with our Fit4Mom mommy and baby friends

- started swim lessons

- chilled in the Hub Grass at Magic Kingdom

- played naked in the kiddy pool

- watched Wishes for his first (and last) time

- visited his favorite princess Ariel (his first face character meet and greet)

- enjoyed story time at the library

- visited Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom during an AP preview with our Disfam

- had his first character meal at the Garden Grill and LOVED meeting the characters. 

- helped his mommy celebrate her first Mother's Day

- discovered a newfound love for drums. The kid loves music. Once swim lessons are over, we're going to find some music classes for sure. 

- really gotten the hang of eating table food. He's doing so well with big pieces of food and is drinking less and less of his bottle. 

- got his two front bottom teeth and is now cutting his two front upper teeth 

Will, you are simply a joy and bring light to everyone who is fortunate enough to know you. 
Thank you for being mine. 

XOXO, Ashley 

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  1. Look at how cute Will is!! He is a doll. His adventures always make me smile; love that shot of him, Mickey and Walt :) Kari *o*