Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Disney Baby: Lilly Pulitzer for Pregnancy

Lilly Pulitzer for Pregnancy

I wasn't one of those 'cute' pregnant women. Granted, I loved being pregnant and sporting/dressing my bump, but I was HUGE! I gained 50 pounds exactly carrying Will, and had to learn to find styles that worked for me while still being appropriate for work. Oh, and did I mention that my third trimester was during a brutally hot, humid Florida summer??! 

Good ol' Lilly Pulitzer pulled through in a variety of styles during my pregnancy. Here are some of my favorites. (Note: I wore these Target maternity tanks under almost everything during the second half of my pregnancy; the length kept my belly covered nicely). 

A wardrobe staple before my pregnancy, I was able to wear my standard size Small up until around month 7. Then I bought a few Larges during the semi-annual sale to cover my growing boobs and belly. 

These were great to toss on with a solid color Michele Tee or Essie Tank to add some color and distract from my ever-increasing baby belly. These were better suited for the office (or other places with cool air conditioning) in the summer months. 

This was a great piece to wear with shorts to the parks, or under a cardigan to the office. I wore a size Large during pregnancy. 

I wore these as a dress during my early pregnancy, then later as tunics over skinny jeans as my belly expanded. I did this with a few other styles of dresses as well. Two-for-one styles, nice! I wear a Medium. 

I'd normally wear a small in these, but bought them in size Large to cover my bump. These have been great post-pregnancy too, as they are a bit loose and forgiving of my muffin top. 

I'd never tried these before being preggos. The waistband sat under my belly and, while on the shorter side, still offered coverage of my bum. I took a Large in these. 

This was such an easy piece to throw on and accessorize with some fun jewelry. Plus, easy to care for- machine wash and dry! Essential during the hot Florida summer months. I bought this during the tail-end of my pregnancy and apparently don't have any pictures with it on! If they had released these earlier on in my pregnancy, I would have lived in them. 

Here's an idea of how I wore some of my other Lilly throughout the nine months:

Thanks for reading! 

XO, Ashley


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