Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dressing for travel (to Disneyland!) + the Lilly Pulitzer After Party SALE!

Greetings from Orlando International Airport (MCO)! But, as you're reading this, I'm already (hopefully!) in L.A. 

My dad needed to visit the City of Angels for business, and I hopped along for the ride. We're visiting old friends, doing some sightseeing, and of course, hitting the DLR for a few days-- keep your eyes peeled for that post! It'll be my first visit EVER to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure; we're staying at the Disneyland Hotel. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm especially excited to meet up with some of my favorite Disneyland Instagrammers!

Okay, on to the post. My MAIN reason for posting today was to alert you to the semi-annual Lilly Pulitzer online sale, happening this Monday, August 18th at 8 a.m. It's not to be missed. More on that below. 

But first, Dressing for Travel. As most of you know, MCO is one of the most glorious airports for two reasons- the Disney Store and the fake-o-rail. After checking my bag (50 lbs on the nose, thankyouverymuch), I moseyed through the Disney Store to see what they had to offer. 

And it turns out- nothing unique. I thought this watch was kind of cute in an art-deco way. I'm not a big Mickey watch fan, but this one, I could rock. 

 After making it successfully through security, it was time to board the highway in the sky--er, the fake-o-rail. I recently read somewhere where the voice of the actual Disney monorail and the one in the Orlando airport are voiced by the same person?! Is that true?

 As if I wasn't getting odd looks already for taking pictures in the airport, then I went and started taking selfies of my outfit and bags. Weirdo! 

American Rag Jacket // J.Crew Side Slit Tunic Tee // Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant (THESE are fantastic- and possibly might be part of the Sale. If so, GET SOME! I want a pair in black. More below...)// Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Low Sneaker 

 Longchamp Mini Le Pliage // Stella & Dot How Does She Do It Tote // Lilly Pulizter Murfee Scarf (this print is old, but these are the BEST scarves, and perfect for traveling. Lightweight yet substantial enough to keep the chill at bay on those freezing airplanes. I have as many of these as I do Elsa shirts. PLUS, these are often included in the Sale-- a great time to snag one!)

People Magazine is my 'airplane flight' guilty pleasure. I always buy one to read on the plane. And Strawberry Mentos, because who has time for those pesky orange and yellow?!!

Okay, now onto the Lilly Sale.

Ladies, this is the event you've been waiting for for the past six months. People often ask how I can afford so much Lilly, and THIS IS IT! The prices are shockingly low- dresses as low as $39, shorts for $19, shoes for $29- I also tend to stock up on pieces for my nieces for Christmas. Haha, pieces for my nieces.

If this is your first times shopping the Sale, I'll give you a few tips to help you successfully navigate the waters of shopping overload.

First, go to the Lilly Pulitzer website and create an account. This is essential! I'll explain why but first, just take a minute and go do it. Go on, I'll wait...

Ok, welcome back! (Hope you did it, if you know what's good for you!) You see, here's the thing. This Sale is so good, thousands of Lilly fans flock to the site looking for their holy grail piece. Just because an item is placed in your shopping bag does NOT mean it's safe keeping-- I've had many o' pieces disappear from my bag by the time I went to check out, literally seconds after adding it.

The good news is that Lilly offers FREE SHIPPING on all sale items, so if you see something, add it to your cart, enter the security code on your credit card (because you've already created an account and saved your credit card info, RIGHT?!?!), click 'order,' and *boom*, you're back with one additional passenger, extra large. (Or one shift dress, size 6, in my case.) Then go back and do it all over again.

The sale lasts for three days, with new items added throughout. The best selection is usually had at the beginning though, so clear your calendar for 8 a.m. Monday, August 18th. All sales are final, but if you order something and aren't happy with it, there are lots of options for re-sale, including the Re-Lilly Facebook page (another source where I've amassed my collection), ebay, and more.

Ok, let's recap because if you're like me, you do better with a list. SO:

1. Go to the Lilly Pulitzer website and create an account- save a credit card on file.

2. While you're there, browse around and make yourself familiar with the site. Figure how to sort items by size, print, style, etc. This will help you narrow down your choices when shopping the Sale.

3. Go on the Lilly site around ten minutes till 8:00 on Monday morning and sign in to your account.

4. Have your credit card with you, or make sure you know your security code.

5. Once the Sale starts, go immediately to your most coveted item, add it to your cart, and purchase.

6. Lather, rinse, repeat.

7. Bask in the glow of all that preppy print when it arrives at your doorstep a few days later.

Good luck! I'll be back tomorrow with a few pieces I'm hoping to snag, along with a fit guide of a few items I already own. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy shopping!


  1. Hi, Ashley! I stumbled upon your blog while trying to figure out "what to wear" for Disney the first week in September. My big challenge right now is SHOES. My boyfriend and I are going for two days before heading to Sanibel. I love flip flops, but my typical ON sandals provide zero arch support. I've noticed you frequently wear Rainbow Sandals. Are they comfortable for long days at the parks, or just a few hours? How long do they take to break in? THANKS!!

    1. Hi Jessica! So glad you found my blog while researching for your upcoming trip.

      Rainbows do have a bit of arch support- some have more than others (a double padded arch). As far as breaking in, if you wear them every day, I'd say they take a week or two to really feel like second skin. (The nice thing about them is their neutral color, so they 'go' with everything!) my particular Rainbows are so old that they don't provide much support- also remember that I'm in the parks A LOT, so my feet are used to the pounding. I wear them all day- even through two 24 hour events, for the entire 24 hours!!

      I've heard good things about Crocs (they make a sandal version). These hold up well in the rain, too, whereas Rainbows get a little slick.

      I think the most important thing is to NOT wear a pair of shoes that you haven't worn a lot already.

      Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I LOVE talking Disney and fashion! And let me know when you're down here- maybe we can meet up!

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