Epcotiversary (Epcot + Anniversary)

Celebrate our first year of marriage with us as we visit a different Epcot country on the 16th of each month. 

Epcot holds a special place in our hearts. We met each other for the first time ever in the tequila cave, and celebrated the day after our wedding here. 

There are also 11 countries in World Showcase and 11 months in our first year of marriage (not counting the one year celebration in May), so how fitting that we celebrate each monthly anniversary  in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Every month we pull a country out of our Starbucks Epcot You Are Here mug (version 2.0, not the collectable version 1.0 which is safely tucked away inside our keepsake cabinet!) and visit for a drink and dinner. We don't make any ADR's and kind of just wing it. The benefits of living 15 minutes away I suppose.