Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dressing for Disney: Life Lately

Hi friends!
Just wanted to pop in and touch base. It's been forever since I posted here and I'm missing it.
For those who don't know, I recently starting working for none other than Lilly Pulitzer! Can you believe it?! Talk about the perfect job for me. Our new store at the Mall at Millenia here in Orlando opened a month ago, and we've been busy, busy, busy! Loving every colorful moment, but busy. That's partly to blame for my lack of activity on this side of the screen.

Also, as much as I love recapping my Disney Fantasy Honeymoon Cruise, I find I'm making it into more of a 'chore' than necessary. I'm trying to add all the helpful tips and tidbits I found while researching for our trip, because I wish they had all been in one easy-to-find place when I was reading up on it. That said, it's become a bit of a daunting task. If I could just simply write about our cruise in a trip-report style, I could bang it out in an hour or so. However, as I'm trying to add all sorts of helpful info, it's taking me much longer.

So what I'm thinking is this: I'll write a simple trip report detailing each day, and at the end of the posts make a list of helpful hints. That should streamline thing and make it easier to churn out in a more frequent fashion.
I'm heading out to California to visit Disneyland and attend the D23 Expo next week! To say I'm excited in an understatement. I'll be doing the Tahitian Terrace Diamond Luau on Tuesday night, enjoying the parks on Wednesday and Thursday, and Expo-ing it up Friday through Sunday. Yes!! The only bummer is I'm going to be away on August 16th, which is the day John and I would celebrate our third Epcotiversary. That will just have to wait until I get back, so be ready for a bit of a delayed post there. That, mixed with the cruise recap and a Disneyland/D23 trip report will keep things buzzing here. Also...

Lastly, the Lilly Pulitzer Semi-Annual SALE is going to be happening any day now. You'd think I'd know when, working there and all, but honestly I don't. Rumor has it that it'll be a bit earlier in August this year; I've heard the dates of August 17-19 swirling around, but again nothing is confirmed and DO NOT quote me on this. Just keep you ears and eyes peeled here for more information as it comes.
Speaking of Lilly information, our Fall line just launched and it's gooooood. Filled with all sorts of blues and greens and easy pieces to transition from summer to fall. You can take a look here; if you ever see something you like but can't find it online, or just want really personal and friendly service, contact us at our store. We're more than happy to help our fellow Lilly-lovers. If you want advice on the fit or fabric of an item, just ask me!

In fact, we're celebrating our month anniversary Grand Opening this Saturday, August 8th all day in our store. We're having a DJ, sips and sweets, gifts with purchase, and one of our print designers will be in the store painting a custom canvas to be won by a lucky customer! If you're in the area, stop in!
If you can't make it but still want to get some lovely Lilly and the gifts with purchase, you can place a pre-order with me. We'll pull your pieces and run your card on Saturday morning, and you'll qualify for all the gifts with purchase as you hit the corresponding price points. PLUS, there's a mystery gift for the first 50 customers that day, which includes those who pre-order. Kind of like priority shopping! And the mystery gift is goooooooood. Wish I could get it for myself. Did I mention shipping is free? So there's really no downside. If you have any Lilly on your list, this is the time (and the way) to get it.

I'll close with a look at some of my personal favorites from this line, as well as some of our best-sellers in the shop. Thanks for reading!

Fall favorites:

And a few customer favorites from the summer collection: