Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dressing for DHS +Tower of Terror Hollywood Tower Hotel Tour + Cinderella Preview

The other day I found myself at Disney's Hollywood Studios MGM to enjoy the beautiful weather and see what's shakin' at one of my fave parks. 

Some people find it strange that I go to parks alone, but I really enjoy taking my camera and setting my own pace, soaking in the details, chatting with strangers, and generally being an oddball. I know many of you photographers and Disney 'lifestylers' get it, but the majority of people, when I tell them I go to parks by myself, give me a look that is both incredulous and pitiful all at once. 

I took this shot of the park icon skyline- past, present, and future? 

I'm personally glad to see that hat removed, and look forward to this lovely sight down Hollywood Blvd.

*Update: While talking with a Photopass CM today (1/30/15), I learned that there are talks of having a Carthay Circle building and restaurant built in front of the Theater. Also talks of the Red Car Trolly Line going up and down Hollywood Blvd. (Both ideas very reminicient of Disney's California Adventure/Buena Vista Street out in California.) It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition in any way, shape or form.

Photo credit: Copper Mugs via Pinterest

The hat is much further along in dismantling now. This was from 1/19(ish). 

**Update: Here's what the hat looks like as of 1/30/15. 

I'm typically not a 'character gal,' but couldn't resist these two since they had no line and I'd never met them before. 

Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover // Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant // New Balance runDisney Cinderella Sneakers (available at runDisney events, or for an atrocious amount on eBay)

This guy's still hanging around. Wonder how long 'till he gets the boot?

The new Starbucks loctation, Trolly Car Cafe, is coming right along. I haven't been back in over a week to see if they've replaced the old timey car that used to be under that pavilion. *Update: talked to a CM on 1/30/15 and he seemed to think the car would be returning. Also, Starbucks is set to open either 2/3 or 2/4, with 'soft openings' happening daily until then. Revoke my Disney card for not knowing what kind of car it was (hey, I'm a girl!)

I was in search of another DHS Alex and Ani bracelet (because they've been discontinued due to featuring the Hat, and can fetch a pretty penny on eBay). A&A used to be sold in two places in the park. Now, Keystone Clothiers is the only location that carries them. I do love this little shop. 

The other location that used to carry them, Sunset Club Couture, now just carries the Pandora Disney collection. Thank goodness I'm not into these; I don't think my wallet could handle it among my other shopping habits.  

Speaking of being an oddball, I have favorite plants and vegetation in each of the different parks. These are my favorite in MGM. I love succulents! 

Next, I popped into the old Sounds Dangerous theater to see a preview of the new live action film, Cinderella. I think it looks cute, and the costumes look beautiful. But the Fairy Godmother- oy vey! She's a bumbling oaf! So opposite of how the Fairy Godmother in the animated version is portrayed. This alone kind of put me off from wanting to see the movie. 

Oh, I wore my Cindy New Balance shoes to see Cindy, because nerd. 

Luckily my friend Darren was working at ToT that day, so I headed over to visit with him. He was kind enough to take me on a tour of the Hollywood Tower Hotel during his break. 

You know those stairs flanking the exit? I've always wanted to climb them and guess what... I did! With permission, of course. Here's the view looking down them. 

If I had disposable income and a fiance who would be down, I'd totally get married on this balcony. Between the foliage and background music, I'm in heaven. 

We then headed in to the lobby. 

Oh hai, just sittin' on the HTH couch. No big deal. 

Thanks again, Darren. Be sure to check out his photos on Instagram @30framespersecond

Finally, I headed out of the park. But first, I had to try the Baymax cupcake. I mean, research, ammiright? It's chocolate with banana buttercream frosting, caramel drizzle, and chocolate pieces. Yum! 

Thanks for reading. I'm going to try to get into the habit of posting a Weekend Recap every Monday or so. Until then, let me know if there's anything you want to see featured! 

Have a great weekend. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dressing for The Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special + Davy Crockett Wine + A Last Farewell to the Hat!

A few weeks ago, John and I headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios MGM to catch the final day of the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special. 

For those not familiar, the Comedy Warehouse was a comedy club (duh) that used to be in Pleasure Island. Alumni players reunite each holiday season, for a limited time, to present an improv holiday-themed show. John and I caught one showing last year, and liked it so much that we were eager to go again.

We power walked from the parking lot just in time to make the 1:45 showing, then had a beer from Min and Bill's Dockside Diner while waiting for the 2:45 show. Each performance is different based on audience participation, so essentially it's something you could see again and again. 

The next showing wasn't until 5:00 and we didn't want to stay that long, so we headed to the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. Passing the Hat on our way there, we paid our last respects (by giving it the finger; good riddance!). 

It was one of those glorious Florida winter days-- 85 degrees and sunny. Just right for wearing one of the tops I got from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. AND, new year, new Rainbows. Double arches, baby! 

Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Racerback Tank in Jellies be Jammin'  (old print, other prints here) // Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts // Costa Sunglasses // Rainbow Flip Flops

Peak season was just ending, so there were relatively low crowds, but the Lounge still had a packed house. We managed to walk up and scored the only available table - a high top two seater. Perfect!

We split a Cobb salad and I had a glass of Davy Crockett wine. Actually, it was Fess Parker Viognier, but John and I had just watched Davy Crockett on TCM's Treasures From the Disney Vault, so I was envisioning baar wrastlin' at the Alamo with each sip. 

Whoever is on dish cleaning duty needs to step up their game ^^. 

Alex & Ani DHS Bracelet (I'm curious to see if they'll release an updated version of the MGM bracelet, now that the hat is gone.) *UPDATE* I just Googled this for a link, and they're not being sold on the official Disney Store website anymore. In fact, the only place I saw any for sale was eBay- for $85 and up! Whaaa? 

We finished our lunch and headed out. It's so great living as close as we do, and being able to pop into parks to see a few things, and leave. 

You know what else is great? GOODBYE, HAT! 

And him. He's pretty great too. In fact, it's his birthday today. Happy birthday, John! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Villains

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and Melissa from Mouse on the Mind have been gracious enough to invite me into their fun little blog hop a few times in the past.

For whatever reason, I've never gotten around to it, but with the new year, one of my goals is to blog more consistently, and they're great gals, so heck, here we go!

To find out more about the Kill, Marry, Refurb shtick, <<--click here.

This month's theme is Villains, so without any more ado, here are my picks.


Maleficant from the 2014 live-action film. 

It doesn't help that I didn't really like the movie all that much. But the clincher is that this Maleficant has feelings and emotions, something the version from 1959 did not. In the original film, she was an incarnation of pure evil, spiting the King, kingdom and Aurora simply because she didn't get invited to a party. Now that's evil. 
But all this 'The boy I love hurt my feelings' stuff, and the fact that she was vulnerable enough to have her wings taken from her- eh, doesn't do it for me. Maleficant should have been left as the cold hearted biotch she was. 


Here's the thing-- it's not that I'd really want to marry these baddies, it's more of in the vein of  'OMG I love them so much I want to marry them' middle school kind of way. 

Oh, man. I'm a villains kind of girl, so this wasn't easy to choose just one. So I didn't, HA!

First Chernabog, because he's a badass. The ultimate evil, bad to the bone, and is in Fantasia, which is a favorite of mine.

Second, The Headless Horseman, because he's a badass. I love Halloween, I love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I love Bing Crosby crooning in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Add that all up with his evil laugh, horseback riding skills and pumpkin throwing ability, and it's a win-win.

Finally, Mother Gothel. The passive aggressiveness, the hazelnut soup, and one of the best songs in a Disney film- what's not to love? 


Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats. I like the movie and all, but as a villain, he's pretty weak. I mean, his main goal is to kill cats (gasp!), which pains me being a cat lover and all. But the real kicker is that he's so inept, he CAN'T. He can't find a way to knock off four felines. And, he's just a horrible person for wanting to do so. I don't know what I'd do exactly to refurb him, as his NOT killing the kitties is pretty imperative to the plot line. And don't get me wrong, I don't WANT him to kill them-- I just think, as a villain, he's pretty lame.

Well, what about you? Who do you love? Hate? Feeling pretty meh about?

Don't forget to join in next month as we discuss Disney Sidekicks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dressing for Lilly Pulitzer at Target + Contest Winner!

Hot off the heels of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale came the announcement that Lilly Pulitzer is going to collaborate with Target! 

The 250-piece collection, which launches April 19, will feature apparel, accessories and shoes for women and girls, as well as home decor in 15 exclusive prints. Read more about it here

As with the Missoni + Target collab from a few years ago, we can expect website crashes, pandamonium in the stores, and inflated prices for stuff on ebay when the partnership launches. But imagine how funny it will be to see Lilly lovers camping out in front of Targets nationwide- I predict bloody mary's, floral print tents, generators and the best-dressed door busters ever!

You can follow along with the @LillyForTarget Instagram here for sneak peeks of what's in store. Below are a few of my favorite pieces. (If there's one I have to tackle another Lilly-lover for, it's THAT HAMMOCK!)

Congrats to the randomly-drawn winner of the Lilly makeup case and Cinderella pin:

Elizabeth S. !!

Email me at with your address so I can get your goodies off to you!