Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dressing for the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler

This is intended to be a short and sweet post to show you what I wore for the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler. I'm a bit wordy, so we'll see how this works out...

BUT, after spending two hours writing a post detailing the tips I gleaned, as well as what I wore, I decided to split them into two separate posts -- one with a fashion bent, the other focused more on tips and tricks that I learned during my first long run. See, already too wordy. Geez. 

I 'trained' (using that term very loosely) in Nike Tempo shorts, so that's what I wore for the race. Since it was a Gator game day, I needed to represent. I also bought a new shirt at the Expo, so of course I had to rock that-- Will Run For Dole Whip! And the number one rule for runners, always, ALWAYS wear a shoe you've had multiple runs in; so I wore my usual sneakers. I also had this handy-dandy little pouch tucked into my shorts to hold my energy goos and chapstick. 

Big brother stepped in to be my running partner, in a pinch!

Amid the crowd, I happened upon Alexandra (@magicalexpress on Instagram). We've been trying to meet up over the past year or so when she's been in the parks, but just never made it happen. So to stumble across her by chance was nice! She had a super cute Elsa-inspired outfit going on. 

Obviously, I didn't take my good cameras with me, so you're stuck with crummy iPhone pictures. Dennis (my brother) and I actually ran the entire race; with it being my first 10 miler, I wanted to set a good PR for myself to work towards next time. That being said, we didn't stop for characters or take many pictures. The only time we walked was for thirty seconds toward the end, to snap a picture of Hades DJing on top of the entrance to DHS (see a few photos down).

Proof that we finished! Dennis was just about dead at this point. Me? I was feelin' good and ready to hit the afterparty!

While we were running, my niece was being her awesome self and enjoying the park. Notice her ToT shirt and hat? And Grateful Dead bag she borrows from her cool aunt?

Cue Forrest Gump voice: "I was run-nang."

My brother is the ghost on the far left of the photo. 

Bling, baby!

Dennis is thinking, "I'm about to puke." And he did, shortly after this photo was snapped. Sorry bro!
Dennis wasn't feeling well at all, so he and his wife headed back to the car. I changed and Amelia, John and I hit the park for some attractions!

First up, Rock n' Rollercoaster. 

Then Tower.

Amelia and I could have stayed all night, but John was ready to wrap it up, and Dennis was waiting in the car for us, so we begrudgingly left the park around 2 am. 

Tower of Terror Bellhop T-Shirt // Gap 1969 Perfect Bootcut Jean (on sale for a great price! In fact, these are my go-to jeans... maybe I should pick up another pair while they're so cheap. Hmmm.) // Rainbow Sandals

Okay, that's as short as it's gonna get. Stay tuned for a detailed post containing tips, tricks, and things I wish I had know for this race coming in the very near future (along with a giveaway- YAY!).