Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dressing for the Lilly Pulitzer x Target ACTION PLAN! 5 Tips to Help Navigate the Madness.

Just popping in to offer 5 tips on how I plan to navigate the Lilly Pulitzer x Target launch tomorrow!!

I've been away for a few weeks, and have spent the last four days road tripping down the East coast with my mom. We've spent most of our time on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which makes for beautiful scenery but crummy internet. Thus the lack of posts on this particular subject. Also thus the last minute nature of this post. In fact, chances are good that you're reading this after the sale has happened. Oops!

Also note most of this is applicable to online shopping only. I'm in the mountains of North Carolina and don't plan to get to a Target tomorrow, so I'll be taking my chances by shopping online. Also, the thought of the crazy in-store crowds kind of makes me nervous. 

In any case, here are my top 5 tips for navigating what is sure to be mayhem and madness in tomorrow's Lilly P x Target collab. Best of luck and happy shopping! 

1. Check out for a comprehensive guide to the sale. Ashley had her act together and created a very helpful post with lots of good info, much of which you'll see referenced here. I also found some helpful information here and here

2. Set up an account on Save your payment info and shipping address. 

3. Use your REDcard to shop for free shipping. I don't know how similar this will be to the semi-annual Lilly sale on, where even if something is in your shopping bag, it can disappear in a moments notice. I've never really shopped online with Target enough to know if things stay safe and secure once in your bag, or if they can disappear as well. I'm not taking any chances and will shop for my number one must have, checkout, and go back for more. 

I just applied for the REDcard online and received my account info, so I'm going to store that in my Account settings and use that free shipping to my advantage. You can apply here

You also get free shipping on orders over $25 regardless of what form of payment you use. 

4. Have a list of your must-haves and search for them in order of preference. My list is below. You can go onto now and mark your 'favorites' for easier access come shopping time. Also make yourself very familiar with the Lookbook so you can search quickly. Over 40 items are online only, so check to see what on your list falls into that category. 

5. Don't plan on getting much sleep tonight. The collection will go live sometime in the 'early morning' on, with sources saying between 12 am and 2 am Central time. I'm crazy and will probably start checking about a quarter to midnight Eastern time, and continue checking until I hit gold (and pink and green). Or fall asleep. And plan for the website to crash multiple times. 

As mentioned, here are my picks in order. I honestly hope they're pieces that others don't necessarily love; that will give me a better chance of getting them! Hate to say it but based on what I've seen and heard, the hammock and coffee cup set are hot commodities, and will be gone in a jiffy. 

Whelp, that's it. Good luck and have fun! Remember to keep it classy, be kind to your fellow Lilly lovers, and for goodness sake, try to clean up after yourself to some degree if you shop in stores. Let's give those Target employees a positive impression of the brand and clientele behind our beloved Lilly Pulitzer. 


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