Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Wear-abouts: Trader Sam's TWICE in One Weekend (featuring some Lilly for Target!)

Hey! Remember me? 

It's been quiet over here on this side of the screen. Guess it's true when they say that preparing for a wedding is time consuming. And ours is almost as low-key as it gets! Whew!

Anyway, thought I'd pick back up with some Weekend Wear-abouts to show you some snippets from my weekend. 

When John got off of work on Friday, we headed over to Epcot. I had to finish up some research I'm doing for a future blog post (no really, it's legit!) and we were meeting up with darling Amanda from Dixie Delights and her hubby. She surprised him with this trip for his 40th birthday and boy, did she do a knockout job; you can read about it here. She's amazing. She's all things Lilly and Disney and crafty and everything

We caught the last showing of the Tomorrowland trailer for the day. Note: last call is around 6:35 pm, since most Future World attractions close at 7. 

After lapping World Showcase, we all met up in the Rose & Crown for a drink before heading over to Trader Sam's.

 We arrived at 10:30 and were told it would be around an hour wait. We were in the Grotto by 11:10. 

John and I tried the Nautilus for the first time. My oh my is it delicious! We also took this bad boy home with us. 

On me: Lilly Pulitzer tank (old, similar here) //  On Amanda: Lilly Pulitzer romper (older style, similar here)

It was neat closing out Sam's; they played a snippet from the Tiki Room, and the house lights came up. The cast members and crew were lively as always. I'm amazed with the energy they constantly bring to the joint. Here's RJ doing his thing. Note our server, Chris, in the background. 

Saturday was fairly uneventful save for the online marriage course John and I took. Not only did it save us some money on our marriage license, it was also interesting and, I feel, beneficial to our relationship. I'd recommend it to anyone getting married. Can't hurt, right?

On Sunday, John's sister Ally drove down to hang for the day. We started at MGM where we ate outside at the Brown Derby Lounge. 

A few style notes: I've had to mix it up and wear my skinny strap Rainbows lately; y'all, my flip flop tan was for REAL and kind of out of control. I'm trying to get it in check before the wedding because it shows when I wear my wedding shoes. #FirstWorldFloridaParkHoppin'Problems.
Also, these pants, while nearly impossible to find, are the perfect park pant. Cool and breezy but still keeps you covered, which I like. I'm always more comfortable in pants than shorts or skirts. If you do get your hands on some, know that they run really big. I'm in a Small here, and I'm a solid Medium girl in all other things. They're also really long.
J.Crew is offering 25% off select styles until Thursday. This tank isn't included, but I love this closet staple.   

Hollywood Studios was packed that day; after waiting an hour or so for a table and eating, we made our way to the Animation Studio only to find an hour wait there. We decided to skip it and headed to... Trader Sam's!

We arrived about 20 minutes to 4:00 and got in line. There were about 30 people or so ahead of us. The doors opened and we found seats around the surfboard table. That seems to be our usual spot. I got the shrinking bar stool! Thomas joined us; Sam's is his home away from home. The CM's all know him by name. 

Though we already had one version, I wanted the new (and specific to our Grog Grotto) glaze of the Zombie Head and Krakatoa. And the Uh-Oa. John being the sweetie that he is ended up ordering us all three over the course of the afternoon, so now my collection is complete! 

Ally loved it there and took home the Zombie and Hippopotamai-tai. We ate some food and stayed for a few hours. 

While we were there, Skipper Erica unpacked a bubble gun to use during the Nautilus schtick. Here it is in it's debut. 

Ally had to drive home, and Thomas and John had work on Monday morning, so we called it a day around 6:30 or so. 

As always, it was a fun time. If you get in right at 4, when they open, expect to have one effect after the other going off constantly. It's great, but just be prepared for a high level of antics. When we went on Friday night around closing, it was considerably less hectic. Pick your poison.

How was your weekend? 

*This post contains a few amazon affiliate links. You know the gig-- same price to you, small commission to me, which tries to keep Dressing For Disney out of hobby status. :) 


  1. this might be my favorite lilly outfit of yours yet! laughed at the flip flop tan; #floridaproblems for real.

    ONE DAY we'll be at sam's together... one day!!!

  2. I missed out on the Lilly for Target stuff, but I adore that giraffe pattern. I wish I'd been able to get something with it!

  3. Giraffeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!!! You are PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! So glad we got to hang :-) xoxoxoxo

  4. Dear Ash,

    I just read your entire blog with great interest, because I was fascinated by the celebration of the inauthentic and of consumer culture (and couldn't stop). I was wondering what would drive someone to actively seek out pretend/fake versions of real places, rather than getting on a plane (for probably the same price) and actually going to see Italy or the UK or whatever. It seems to be tied up with a feeling of safety (fair enough I suppose) but also with consumerism - the Disney dream is for sale and your blog clearly focusses on purchasing your way to happiness.

    I thought the bit about watching someone (most likely paid minimum wage) picking up seaweed on a beach to get rid of all traces of the natural was particularly telling. The beach, as well as everything else, has to be perfect and therefore entirely false. Do you ever think about these things? Or are you just happy that the illusion isn't ruined?

    It's not just you, either. One of the friends you linked to posted proudly about taking a cruise to the Caribbean and never leaving the ship… anything to avoid engaging reality and the authentic world out there. This is amazing to me. I wonder if this is particularly American attitude? Do you ever want to get out there and see the actual world, not just the false Disney mirror version?

    (I do have to say I once saw some Americans in Dublin totally ignore an Irish band in a park - the real Dublin, I suppose - in favour of rushing to the souvenir shop to buy something to prove they had been there. So maybe it is a cultural thing, even when actually travelling).

    I wonder if it's the same impulse that makes people spend all their time playing video games or writing fan fiction, to remake the world into a safe, controllable but inauthentic place. You said you like to travel - do you find any of this rings true, or am I wrong and you're actually backpacking through Venezuela in your spare time?

    1. I originally responded to your comment with something a bit snarky, and I don't believe in combating snark with snark- it will get us nowhere.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my entire blog and compose such a thought provoking comment. I don't have the time to respond with an in depth response at the moment, as I'm packing for my upcoming Disney cruise. Yep, you read that right.
      Can't wait!
      Let me know if you come to Disney- I'd love to show you around our World.
      Thanks for reading!

    2. As another Disney blogger, I am curious if you've ever actually visited Disney. No, it may not have the history and charm that visiting other countries does, but for many of us it has something very special in its own right. I would love to see many of those countries in person, but the cost is prohibitively expensive. Right now flights to Europe are over $1,000 from where I am. flights to Disney are only $200. So it's a nice way to get a little bit of culture when you can't actually be there. All of the cast members in the World Showcase are from the countries represented, so I enjoy talking to them to find out more about the places I am unable to visit right now.

      I love to travel and spent several months in the UK. I am planning a trip to France soon. I've also been to Canada, Bermuda, and various places across my own country. I would love to see more, but again, it's expensive. But I love visiting Disney too. For me they are totally different types of trips and totally different experiences. I don't think being interested in one means you disregard the other.

    3. Thank you for your response, Becky. I feel that Anne had some valid points, but they weren't fully thought-out and were rather condescending. I live 15 minutes from the World, so it's next to nothing for me to pop on over for a visit. As you mentioned, a plane ticket to other countries would set me back thousands. And I love your closing remark with "I don't think being interested in one means you disregard the other." Again, thanks for taking the time to chime in. I appreciate your support.

  5. Congrats on the negative comment above, Ash! This means people are really reading your blog!! It was interesting though... I've traveled to several of the real countries we see in Epcot and I still very much enjoy how Disney does it. I guess not all feel that way- understandable I guess.

    1. Right?! I've finally made it!!!! LOL. I've traveled several places myself, both in and out of the country, and while Disney is a sanitized version, their customer service is top notch, and I can trust that what they do will always be well done. THAT alone keeps me coming back. Thanks for chiming in!

  6. I am seeking a trip to Trader Sam's in September for my birthday...a short 4 day trip but hoping one of those days to visit and partake in food and drink! I LOVE your Lily top; so very cute and stylish! Not that this is the same, but I couldn't help but think of the interaction in Pirates when James Norrington says, you are without a doubt the worst pirate i've ever heard of....to which Jack replies...but you have heard of me! Ahhh, cracks me up every time. Why does there always have to be one in the crowd to make negative comments....oh well, just keep swimming... Kari

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for reading Kari. You *must* make it to Trader Sam's when you're here. I'd love to join you too if that's ok! And I really like your analogy to the negative blog post response. Good point. Just keep swimming indeed!

    2. No problem! I love other Disney people who "get the magic" and I love following your adventures thru your blog and IG. Yes, a September meetup at Trader Sam's for sure! It will be and my hubby from Sept 4-7 :)