Friday, July 17, 2015

Dressing for Disney: Epcotiversary in Mexico


So we're on month #2 of our year-long Epcotiversary celebration. (If you're just now joining and aren't familiar with what that means, click here to read about month #1.)

Once again John and I reached into the Epcot mug and pulled out... Mexico! So, on Thursday, July 16th, we headed to Epcot for a few hours to have dinner in one of my favorite World Showcase pavilions. 
I have to mention that right after I took my first photo of the night with my lovely Sony RX-100ii, it died on me. The rest of the evening was documented through my iPhone. So if the quality of these photos isn't up to snuff, that's why.

One of the perks to showing up to a park close to closing time is that you can often find parking right near the entrance. We decided to park at the main entrance this time, since Mexico is fairly close to that. Depending on what country in World Showcase you're planning to visit, sometimes it's more beneficial to park at one of the Boardwalk Resorts and walk/take a Friendship Boat. 
Upon entering the park, I wanted to show John the joys of Periscope and started broadcasting. (Find me on Periscope, and Twitter, @DisneyfiedAsh.)
After being sprayed by the Fountain of Nations, we hooked a left and crossed the water toward the Odyssey Center and Mexico. Something was going on in the Odyssey Center- didn't get details, but it's always nice to see life in there. Wish they'd do something permanent in that space. 
Crowds were light and the weather was pleasant, slightly overcast with a cool breeze. Definitely not what we'd expect for Florida in July. 

After perusing the menus for both the counter service (La Cantina de San Angel) and table service (La Hacienda de San Angel), we decided to keep it simple (and fairly inexpensive) and split some nachos and a chicken and rice dish from La Cantina. We didn't bother to go in to the pavilion and check out the San Angel Inn Restaurant; we've eaten there before and while the atmosphere is lovely, the food didn't really knock our socks off. La Hacienda is a favorite of mine (the queso fundido is one of my favorite food items in all of Epcot), but we both wanted good old nachos, which weren't on the menu at La Hacienda. 

While ordering, I noticed this sign. I've never seen it before, but I imagine it's in place for all the international guests who are in the parks at this time of year. Have you ever seen it?
After getting our food and searching for a table, we were seated in the waterside pavilion and dug in. 

Nothin' fancy here, folks. 
The aftermath. 
Of course I needed a photo of my cute dress; this blog is called Dressing For Disney!! 

We sloooooowly strolled out of Epcot, enjoying the weather and each other's company. 

Cheers to another wonderful month of marriage! Thanks for reading.

Clothing: Lilly Pulitzer Charlotte Empire Waist Dress // Rainbow Sandals // Dooney and Bourke Wristlet (old, similar styles here)


  1. Looks like a terrific night! Your Lilly dress looks fabulous on you!!! Can't wait to read about the next Epcotiversary!

  2. Love your dress! And Happy Epcotiversary!

  3. Just saw you on this YouTube video they posted about the Bob Gurr monorail crawl. You are hanging out in the background for quite a bit. Thought you might enjoy seeing it. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks for the heads up- isn't that a TRIP?? What an awesome night. You're so sweet to think of me.

  4. Such a neat idea, the reading along with the fun! Kari