Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Wear-abouts: Baby Classes + The Boardwalk + More

Hello there. Hope you had a nice weekend. Our was full but fun! 

We started off our Saturday with an all-day Baby Class, all about Labor and Delivery. It was really interesting. 

After the class, we went to Target and got an early dinner in downtown Celebration. We then headed over to the Boardwalk area in WDW to meet up with a couple of friends. 

My friend Amanda (aka Tink) was staying at the Yacht Club and said she had a 'little' gift for Baby Will. She totally undersold herself, because the 'little' gift was a beautiful handmade Haunted Mansion blanket! She created the pattern herself and made the whole thing from scratch. 

John and I have joked that we want to use the creepy 'glowing eyes' wallpaper from the Mansion in our baby nursery, so this was Tink's nod to the idea. We LOVE that it doesn't scream 'Disney,' but is subtle and those 'in the know' will totally get it.  Thanks again, Tink. 

From there, we all walked around to the Boardwalk area to try the new Ample Hills Creamery ice cream parlor. 

PRO TIP: This luscious sundae was $8.50 or so, and comes with three scoops of your choice of ice cream over a piece of butter cake or brownie, and unlimited toppings. John elected to get a milkshake, and while it was yummy, it too was $8.50 and just a standard size. NOT worth the money, in our opinion. Get the sundae instead.

 My sweet friend Amanda from Dixie Delights was staying with her family at the Boardwalk Resort, and she came down to hang and chat for a bit. 

After ice cream and socializing, John and I headed up the road to Fantasia Gardens for some putt putt golf. However, there was a 40 minute wait to start!! Crazy! The CM's informed us that WinterSummerland (just down the road near Blizzard Beach) had a 5 minute wait, so we headed there instead and walked right on to the summer course. 

 We had a really good time, and if you like Christmas music like I do, you'll love hearing it the whole time you're playing. The course was really cute. And I'm not gonna SAY who won, I'm just gonna leave this next picture right here...

Sunday was spent putzing around the house, making a Publix run, lounging by the pool and cozying up on the couch. I mean, I have to break the new blanket in before Will arrives, right? 

That's it for our little weekend. We have a Breastfeeding class this evening, so yay! More baby learnin'! 

I'll be posting a Blog Sale of Lilly Pulitzer items on Wednesday, and a post about our Baby Shower after that, so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading. 

XO, Ashley


  1. Love how often you post nowadays! And you make pregnancy look so good ;)

  2. love the Haunted Mansion blanket; beautiful! I need to get to the Boardwalk for Ample Hills Creamery; I keep forgetting to make that stop. Kari *o*