Thursday, June 23, 2016

Giveaway Winner + Shopbop Sale (With My Top Picks for Theme Park Wear) + Calypso St. Barth Sale!

You know what stinks about doing a giveaway? I personally know most, and like everyone, who entered. I wish you ALL could win!

Alas, there can only be one winner. Out of the eight people who entered (for a total of 21 entries using the various options), the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer headband and Cast Member Exclusive Orange Bird pin is...

Dani!! (Follow her @DaniGanley on Twitter, @SincerelyDaniRose on Instagram, and at her cute blog

Dani's Dad, Dani, Jeff Lipack and myself at the D23 Expo, August 2015

Dani and I actually met at Destination D here in Orlando in November 2014, and met up again last August at the D23 Expo out in California. In fact, during the Destination D event, she was one of only a handful of lucky people who won a wax figurine from a vintage Disney Toy Factory Mold A Rama machine that was used during the 1964-65 World's Fair, so the girl's got a lucky streak.

Here's a video of the machine in action, in case you're a Disney history nerd like myself and care about these kind of things:

In other news, Shopbop is offering an extra 25% off sale styles with code 25EXTRA. I've pulled some of my favorite pieces that could work for park touring, especially during these hot summer months. 

Theme Park Styles- Shopbob

Calypso St. Barth is offering a whopping 50% off their sale styles. Here are some of my favorites. I'm thinking the rugs need to find their way to my house-- the blue and white for Will's room, and the silver runner for our bedroom. 

Calypso Sale

Congrats again to Dani, thanks to all who entered, and have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for reading.

XO, Ashley

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  1. Congrats Dani!! I'm gonna steal that pin from you! ;) Hope to see you in November for Destination D again!