Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekend Wear-abouts: MLK Weekend

Howdy! This past weekend was a fun one- and aren't long weekends the best? There's just something so great about having a third weekend day. We were blessed with perfect weather, cool and sunny and everything that Florida winters are made of. 

Saturday was the 16th of the month, which means EPCOTIVERSARY! That will be it's own post though. On the drive in to Epcot, they're installing a solar power farm. I saw something on Twitter the other day that it's being made in the shape of a Hidden Mickey! Here's a photo from the tweet (I don't remember who tweeted it to give credit to, sorry). 

Sunday was a wonderful, lazy 'home' day. I did some yoga (insert cat here), watched a movie with my hubby with the windows open (inserts cats here), and even napped in the afternoon (insert cat here). 

Monday was John's birthday, BUT he had to work, whomp whomp. So I celebrated for him by meeting my friend Christine and her sister at Magic Kingdom! (Find her Instagram here, and her YouTube channel here, which features lots of Disney videos). 

It was a picture-perfect day. I mean, look at that sky!

Rapunzel Beanie // North Face Jacket (old, but I love this one) // J.Crew Jeans // Lilly Pulitzer Sunglasses

Christine and I even wore matching shirts (unintentionally!) Hers represents the East coast and is from Walt Disney World; mine reps the West coast and is from Disneyland. 

We took a leisurely tour around the Kingdom on the train. I wore my sweet customized RunDisney New Balance that I got at the D23 Expo, and carried my holy grail Club 33 Dooney. Swoon. 

That evening, I made skillet lasagna and a small chocolate cake, and John opened his presents and cards. He's like a kid when it comes to gifts; I've had them wrapped for a week, and he's asked if he could open them EVERY DAY since they arrived. I made him wait though-- he liked his rain jacket my mom got him! And look at that cute face. 

It was a lovely end to a lovely weekend. Hope you enjoyed it as well. Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Ashley

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  1. Very cool to know the solar power farm is forming a Mickey; love that! Cute shirt and outfit for a chilly FL day in the parks, and can we talk about the Club 33 Dooney.....perfection!
    Kari *o*