Monday, January 5, 2015

Dressing for a SALE! Giveaway + My Lilly Pulitzer After Party SaleFinds + What's Still Available That I LOVE

Well, did ya do it? Did you brave the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale this morning?

If so, hope you got what you wanted. I know I did, and then some.

Here's some of my favorite finds, as well as some items that are still available in multiple sizes (some of which I'm very surprised about... I'm looking at you, Travel Pant!)

I'm so happy I got the Valencia top that I had been eyeing- and you're in luck, all sizes are still available! 

Valencia Top- was $158, now $64

If I hadn't tried this on in the store, I would have passed it over; admittedly, it doesn't look all that special on the model. But I promise, it's a great top. Classic, basic enough for everyday wear, but special with the drapey fit and embellishment. I ordered a Small to give it some room- I fit into an XS, but it was too fitted for what I was going for. This runs big. 

I also added to my Callahan collection with this pair, in Sea Foam Montauk Green. 

Unfortunately, there aren't ANY Callahans left on the Lilly site, but with a Google search, you may still find some on sale at other authorized Lilly retailers.  

I picked up the Beach Plum purple color of the Dusk racerback tank. Another item from my wish list!

This color isn't available anymore, but the Sunkissed Pink version is in size XXS, M, and L. I take a Medium. 

Dusk Racerback Tank - was $98, now $49

I can't believe I forgot to mention these in my post from yesterday, but the Travel Pant is one of my favorite Lilly items, ever! 

I'm not alone in my love for these- check out the many stellar reviews. I own the navy pair, as seen in this post and the picture above, and picked up a black pair today. I wear these instead of tights- they're more of a thick, pant-like material, and I feel more comfortable in these than flimsy tights. Plus, I'm kind of in the 'tights aren't pants' camp, and unless my rear is covered by my blouse, I won't wear them. These bridge the gap of being able to be worn as pants, or tights. Perfect! 

Travel Pant- was $98, now $39

Amazingly, there's all sizes left, in most colors. Getcha some! I'm a 4/6 and have a Medium. 

I picked up the Asher top in New Green Under the Palms. I ended up getting this from In The Pink, as it was $10 less than the Lilly site, even with shipping! There's still many colors and sizes left- I tried this on in the store and likes it's silky, flowy fit. I ordered a Small. 

Asher top- was $128, now $29 plus $10 shipping

The last item I picked up was the Gigi V-Neck Tank Top in Electric Feel. I've never tried it on, but it had good reviews, and I LOVE this print. I don't have anything in this particular print, so that sealed the deal. 

I'm bummed the Lindley tank I blogged about yesterday wasn't included in the sale, and I didn't see any Elsa's I couldn't live without, but overall, I'm VERY happy. And believe it or not, I practiced restraint with this order! If I were to go back, here are a few items that I love, and are still available in multiple sizes. 

Destination Quilted Jacket- was $248, now $89(!!)

If I didn't already have so many jackets, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. It's so flattering and warm, and the pop of color in the sleeves is great. Come to think of it, this may just be added to my cart before the sale is over...

Murfee Scarf in Libra - was $118, now $39

There's not many left, and this isn't even my horoscope sign, but still pretty! Check out the Murfee selection here; they're going fast!. 

Dusk Silk Dress- was $188, now $69

I wrote about this dress in my post from yesterday, and love it for warm park days. All sizes left, in True Navy. I'm a 4/6 and ordered a Small. 

There's one more day of the sale, and a chance that new items will be added, so keep checking back. Also, check out other authorized Lilly retail shops such as In The Pink, Mica & Molly's, Pink Narcissus, Ocean Palm, and C. Orrico, just to name a few. 


To celebrate my successful sale haul (wink, wink), I'm giving away a Lilly Pulitzer cosmetic case! This was available earlier on the sale site, but went fast- here's your chance to get it, for FREE! I'll also throw in a Cinderella button from the upcoming movie. They were handing the buttons out at the Magic Kingdom the other day. 

To enter, leave a comment telling me what you bought or what you'd like to buy from the Lilly sale. You can also enter on my Instagram for additional chances to win. Contest ends Tuesday, January 6th 2015 at midnight, just like the Sale! US shipping only.   

Happy shopping and good luck!


  1. Gosh are the travel pants that great? I'm regretting not buying a pair! I too hate the "Leggings are pants" movement and only wear them with a long tunic. Are they a cotton material or more slick like nylon?

    1. Yes, they're THAT GREAT! They're not slick at all, a nice stretchy, thick-but-not-bulky knit. They suck in the tummy, slim the thighs, and as my fiance says, make the butt look gooood. ;) Get 'em, girl! You'll regret it if you don't!

  2. Thanks for the "heads up" ...I SCORED!!!! : travel pants, Adelaide v-neck sweater, Chowdah necklace (LOVE!), Libra murfee, Margate sleeveless lace shift dress, and Maria boatneck striped sweater :) Would love to add the bags to my collection...and the pin is fab!

    1. So glad you scored- you found some good stuff!! Nice work. Good luck in the contest... fingers crossed!

  3. Just pulled the trigger on a black pair! I'll let you know if I love them! (I'm sure I will!)

    1. Yay!! Hope you love them as much as I do- if not, there's always the 'Re-Lilly' Facebook page to resell them. But you won't want to!!

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