Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Villains

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and Melissa from Mouse on the Mind have been gracious enough to invite me into their fun little blog hop a few times in the past.

For whatever reason, I've never gotten around to it, but with the new year, one of my goals is to blog more consistently, and they're great gals, so heck, here we go!

To find out more about the Kill, Marry, Refurb shtick, <<--click here.

This month's theme is Villains, so without any more ado, here are my picks.


Maleficant from the 2014 live-action film. 

It doesn't help that I didn't really like the movie all that much. But the clincher is that this Maleficant has feelings and emotions, something the version from 1959 did not. In the original film, she was an incarnation of pure evil, spiting the King, kingdom and Aurora simply because she didn't get invited to a party. Now that's evil. 
But all this 'The boy I love hurt my feelings' stuff, and the fact that she was vulnerable enough to have her wings taken from her- eh, doesn't do it for me. Maleficant should have been left as the cold hearted biotch she was. 


Here's the thing-- it's not that I'd really want to marry these baddies, it's more of in the vein of  'OMG I love them so much I want to marry them' middle school kind of way. 

Oh, man. I'm a villains kind of girl, so this wasn't easy to choose just one. So I didn't, HA!

First Chernabog, because he's a badass. The ultimate evil, bad to the bone, and is in Fantasia, which is a favorite of mine.

Second, The Headless Horseman, because he's a badass. I love Halloween, I love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I love Bing Crosby crooning in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Add that all up with his evil laugh, horseback riding skills and pumpkin throwing ability, and it's a win-win.

Finally, Mother Gothel. The passive aggressiveness, the hazelnut soup, and one of the best songs in a Disney film- what's not to love? 


Edgar Balthazar from The Aristocats. I like the movie and all, but as a villain, he's pretty weak. I mean, his main goal is to kill cats (gasp!), which pains me being a cat lover and all. But the real kicker is that he's so inept, he CAN'T. He can't find a way to knock off four felines. And, he's just a horrible person for wanting to do so. I don't know what I'd do exactly to refurb him, as his NOT killing the kitties is pretty imperative to the plot line. And don't get me wrong, I don't WANT him to kill them-- I just think, as a villain, he's pretty lame.

Well, what about you? Who do you love? Hate? Feeling pretty meh about?

Don't forget to join in next month as we discuss Disney Sidekicks.


  1. So glad you decided to play this month! A couple of other bloggers echoed your sentiments on Maleficent, and you've totally got me on your side now. While I love the movie, they totally took the wind out of her evil sails.

  2. Good refurb pick - he really is a joke of a villain. And I feel you on Maleficent, I didn't enjoy the movie really either.

  3. Hi Ash -- yay for blog hops! :) I love that you wanted to marry THREE people. It was so hard for me to pick even one. I'm most intrigued by your Refurb. I haven't seen that movie in such a long time... if I ever saw it? I honestly can't remember .. it sounds a bit like Cruella but not at all? Glad you picked some rare villains!

    1. Yeah, I couldn't narrow it down to just one- I love me some villains. Edgar IS very much like Cruella, but she really is a bad bitch- just nasty. Edgar is somewhat affable and kind to some, but just hates those darn cats so much. Weird. Thanks for the invite, and for reading, and commenting!

  4. Headless Horseman indeed! His appearance in Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween parade is the highlight for sure!

    1. I though about that but forgot to put it in! He's awesome. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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