Saturday, July 22, 2017

Disney Baby: Baby Will is Eleven Months Old

I can't believe we only have one more of these rug picture posts left. Can I admit I'm glad it almost over?! Kind of became a chore as the months went on but I'm glad we have these to look back on and remember that point in time.

Will, what a kid. And I know I'm biased because he's MINE but people everywhere love him. Everywhere we go, he makes friends and engages others. And I swear the kid knows how to turn on the charm already; he can flash his sly grin and have people eating right out of his hand. 

In this past month, Will has: 

- experienced his first National Wear Your Lilly Day

- went to his first Japanese steakhouse. His side eye glance says it all... 

- grew TONS of silky blonde hair

- attended a good friend's 1st birthday party

-started taking several cautious steps. He still prefers to crawl and usually plays it pretty safe.

- began eating like a teenage boy. The kid puts away two eggs each morning and hasn't yet met a food he doesn't like. 

- donned his swim gear and attended a friend's 2nd birthday party at the splash pad. He loves the water.

- visited My Little Town, an indoor play space, with two of his friends

- celebrated his fist Fourth of July by marching in the Town of Celebration's Independence Day Parade with our FIT4MOM workout friends. 

- went to the Magic Kingdom with his Papa and met Mickey. Papa stayed with us for a few nights too. 

- climbed on the rocks of Pandora

- spent TONS of fun quality time with his three girl cousins, my nieces. We all hit the parks hard and Will was such a trooper. He just loved having them around the house with us for a few days. 

- helped to plan his 1st birthday party. He actually couldn't care less as long as there's food, friends, and family around. *I'm* the one who picked out the theme and is running with it. We had friends create the custom artwork for his invite and I think they turned out SO CUTE!

- got two more teeth on the top and started cutting his two side teeth on the bottom

- enjoys trying to say words and mimics 'cat,' 'shoe,' 'snack,' and 'eat' among other things

Will, you are one super kid who makes the world more fun just by being in it. I'm so proud to be your Mama. 

Thanks for reading! XO, Ashley


  1. One more month until 12 (months)! The rug photo has been pretty cute though; how cool it would be to see all 12 photos side by side. Also, I can't wait to see the 1st birthday party pics :) Kari *o*

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