Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My First Mother's Day

I had simply the BEST first Mother's Day-- it's gonna be hard to top this one! Not that it needs to be topped, but I know my hubby and he constantly wants to outdo himself. 

We started the day at the Garden Grill in Epcot. I've never had the breakfast there, and it was delicious! This was Will's first character meal, and boy did he LOVE it! No fear at all. He got so animated and excited when they came around, would chatter and laugh and squeal and reach out for them. It was the cutest thing to watch. 

I had a raspberry mimosa with breakfast, and of course had to get some of the POG (passion fruit, orange and guava) juice. I asked if they could make a POG juice mimosa, but the waitress said the drinks were pre-made (which I found odd for a mimosa??). So...

We made our own! I got a cup of POG juice to go, and Will picked the perfect time to nap as we strolled back to France for a glass of champagne. Mix the two together and viola! 

We walked back up to the front of the park and stopped at the baby care center to fix a bottle and change Will, then let him play on the Cars playground for a few minutes. We were all roasting by that point, so we headed out to Disney Springs! 

I've been avoided the dreaded bathing suit shopping since having Will, but with summer rearing it's hot head, the time has come to face the music. Our first stop was Everything But Water. I walked in and told the sales associate what I was looking for (tummy control, one piece) and she pulled multiple options for me. Lo and behold, I found a winner! 

I also found this powdered sunscreen which will be perfect for my part in my hair. I always hate to put greasy sunscreen in my hair, but being so fair, need to cover up any exposed part of my skin, so this was an exciting find!

From there, we went into Lilly Pulitzer where I got a new workout outfit. I've joined Fit4Mom-Celebration, which is a group of mommies and babies who do stroller-based workouts. I LOVE the women and Will loves the socialization, and the workouts have helped me shed close to 15 pounds so far! A new workout outfit is always a good motivator, don't you think?

Speaking of workouts, I also got a new pair of tennis shoes. These Spaceship Earth-esquq sneakers have taken the Disney nerd community by storm. I ordered a size 7 and 7 1/2 from Amazon, but haven't tried them on yet. I'll report back with fit details when I do. 

After our shopping spree, we headed home. Will took another nap, and I took one too! It was so lovely. We hung around the house for the rest of the afternoon and opened some more gifts and cards. My parents sent me flowers and cards; Will got me the prettiest dainty Mickey Mouse necklace. John also got me a pair of cute pajama shorts. 

We ended our day at Sweet Tomatoes. John noted that both meals were all-you-can-eat, which is right up Will's alley, as the boy loves his chow. 

John took on bath, bottle and bed duties for Will, and I soaked in a hot bath and read some of my book before slipping into bed. It was truly the BEST Mother's Day. Thank you John for making it so special, and thank you Will for making me a mommy. 


  1. Happy first Mothers Day to you! I'm glad it was delightful. I have not tried Garden Grill but would like to try it and knock it off that Disney bucket list, lol. Love the selections at Lilly; I want a pair of those Luxletic crops, they look cute. Those Epcot adidas shoes are great; I have a pair and they are super comfy for walking around the parks and I LOVE that they resemble Spaceship Earth; so glad I got a pair! Kari *o*