Friday, February 3, 2017

Disney Baby: Epcot Baby Bump Pictures

Here's a quick, fun little post for ya. 

Each month of my pregnancy, John took a picture of me and my growing belly in front of Spaceship Earth. 

While I technically got pregnant in November of 2015, we confirmed the pregnancy in early December, so our pictures start there. 

December 2015

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

 April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

Sadly, I don't have any Epcot photos from August. Guess we never made it there that month. Considering Will was due August 4th, we were probably playing it safe. Little twerp didn't make his debut until two weeks later-- August 19th! 

Here's my last park photo, in August, at the Magic Kingdom.

August 2016

And here's my very last belly photo just a four days before Will's arrival! 

August 2016

 And this... this is our first visit to Epcot with our baby boy, in October of 2016. 

Pregnancy, birth, babies... pretty grand and miraculous, don't ya think?!

XO, Ashley 


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