Friday, January 20, 2017

Disney Baby: Will is Five Months Old

This kid. How'd we get so lucky, nay, blessed to be his parents? 
In this past month, Will has:

- Celebrated his first Christmas and New Years
- Met Mickey Mouse
- Spent the first cold day of our Florida 'winter' in the Magic Kingdom
- Had a few overnights at Nana's
- Visited Tampa and cheered on the Clemson Tigers as they won the National Championship
- Mastered rolling over
- Became an expert 'scooter'- army crawling all over the place
- Discovered his love for jumping in his jumper 
- Started rolling over in his sleep and sleeping on his stomach with his face FACE DOWN on his bed- making his momma very nervous
- Tried lots of new foods- his favorites being oatmeal, pears, carrots, and tastes of lemon and pickles
- Sat up on his own for a few minutes at at time- including in shopping carts, highchairs and the like

As he gets more mobile, these monthly pictures become more of a challenge to take. Here's a few outtakes from our photo sesh. 

*Sigh* I love him so much. 

Thanks for reading! 

XO, Ashley

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