Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Wear-abouts: MK and More

Ever have one of those weekends where your plans change last minute, and then it turns out to be one of the best you've had in a while? Whelp, that was me, this weekend.

I was supposed to visit my mom for the weekend, but she came down with a stomach bug on Friday. We didn't want to risk my getting it being preggos and all, so we changed our plans to visit for next weekend. 

John and I were suddenly left with a wide-open weekend! His main goal: get our taxes done. Yay! Fun! But necessary. 

First though, let me back up to Friday. 

My co-worker, Annastasia, and I decided to have lunch at Kona Cafe (one of the many perks of working on Disney property). We booked an ADR and headed there on our lunch break. Upon arrival, we were informed that the kitchen was currently closed and that they would honor our reservation at either the Grand Floridian Cafe or The Wave. We were scheduled to take photos after lunch for a project at the Contemporary anyway, so we headed to The Wave. This mamma had her heart set on a Dole Whip Float, so naturally I got one before leaving the Poly and before eating lunch.  Our lunch was good; I always like eating at The Wave. The next thing I'd like to try there is breakfast. 
Outfit details: here

On Saturday, Lilly Pulitzer had their annual Lunch at Lilly promotion, featuring gifts with every purchase. I ended up getting this top and this top, but also loved this, this and this

Before heading out to do our taxes, John and I stopped into the cute little 'downtown' of Windermere to check out the library. (Nerd fact: I love libraries) We stumbled upon a little cafe and had a delicious lunch there before heading on. After a quick stop at Trader Joe's, it was tax time. Uncle Sam gave us a generous return (yay for filing as a married couple for the first time!) and naturally, we celebrated by renewing John's Annual Pass! 


You see, the plan was for him to go without this year, with the baby coming and all, and we would just use my Guest Passes when we wanted to go. Sounds great in theory, but I only get 16 Guest Passes per year, and now that we live literally five minutes from the Magic Kingdom, it's just too convenient to go in for an hour or two. Yet we'd hesitate to do so when that would use up one of the precious Guest Passes. Long story short, we headed to the Magic Kingdom to John a new AP, meet up with our Disfam and have dinner at the Skipper Canteen. We also took a ride on 'it's a small world' and a nighttime spin on the Liberty Square Riverboat. 

Sunday was a nesting day; I toyed with the idea of heading to Epcot to check out one of the gardening seminars at the Flower & Garden Festival, but after doing a lot of cleaning, house stuff and grocery shopping, my comfies and the couch won out. 

So, we had a lovely weekend. How about you? Here's hoping your week is as beautiful as these ranunculus! 

Thanks for reading. XOXO, Ashley


  1. Yay for people who appreciate libraries! And the flowers are beautiful. I love Spring because there are so many wonderful fresh flower choices!

    1. I LOVE libraries!! And the people who work in them ;)

  2. Hi Ashley, I haven't tried The Wave yet; I would like to try it out one day. Actually, I am staying at the Contemporary in July, maybe I should make an ADR?! Oh, Lily had a sale? How can I get on those alerts for Lily sales? I love shopping at Trader Joe's but I forget to go there most of the time, lol. Yay for living so close to MK; I would LOVE hearing the sounds so close! *o* Kari

    1. We love the Wave- it's rarely crowded, and the food is good. FUN for staying at the Contemporary in July! Really though, you hardly ever need an ADR; they just don't get that busy.
      Lilly had a promotion, which they run quite often. If you follow them on Instagram, you'll be in the loop. I'll try to get better about blogging about them in advance, too.