Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dressing for the Chocolate Easter Egg Display at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

You know Spring has sprung when Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa rolls out its annual chocolate Easter egg display in the massive lobby of what is admittedly my favorite Resort. 

Every year around Easter, the talented pastry chef and his team work to create elaborate hand-painted works of art, all set amid giant chocolate Easter eggs. Everything is edible, from the scattered garnish, to the decorative chocolate bunnies, to the eggs themselves (not to say you should try to eat the displays. although I did see one little boy climb under the ropes and take a piece of chocolate shaving garnish). This year they upped the ante, adding two new viewing areas and several stand-along eggs scattered throughout the main lobby, with one in the DVC lobby as well.

I was fortunate to get a glimpse of the display the day it opened, Thursday, March 20th. See below for a peek at all there is to offer. 

And because this is a fashion related blog, I'll also show you what I wore (proof that you don't have to be fancy to hang at the Grand). I've heard a few times that many people feel uneasy at the Grand Floridian. They crew from The Dis mentioned it during their 7in7 video, and my friend Keith Gluck from The Disney Project echoed the same sentiments. I, for one, have never felt out of place, and I ain't fancy, y'all. Remember, it's Disney-- besides Victoria and Alberts, nothing is really too stuffy or fancy. 

As in the past three years of the event, the majority of the eggs are centered at the entrance to the lobby on the first floor. 

This location makes it convenient to view both sides of each egg. I've included the front and back of each egg from this particular display. 

Little Mermaid egg
See the hidden Mickey at the bottom?

Steampunk Mine Train?
A greeter said the chef's didn't have a theme for this one, but I get a Seven Dwarves Mine Train vibe from it, don't you? 

Dogs of Disney

Tinker Bell

 Cinderella's Golden coach
Look at the detail in that gold leaf!

Easter puppy?

Lady and the Tramp
Love the spaghetti this egg sits on. 

Toy Story

The Great Mouse Detective
Talk about a random addition- but I like it!

This is the one princess story I really like. Love me some 'Punz.

This year, two new sections of eggs have been added. Both flank the lobby and are located at the base of the giant birdcage and elevator, respectively. These are not as convenient for viewing both sides; I only photographed the sides that were facing the lobby. I'm sure they're decorated all the way around though. Just another reason to 'have' to go back to see them!

Starting on the left side of the lobby (if you're facing the orchestra).

None of these are themed to a particular Disney thing, except for Elsa from Frozen, of course. However, these are some of my favorites. The intricacy and detail are simply stunning. I'm especially enamored with the peacock and floral number at the bottom of this set. 

These eggs are on the right side of the lobby (again, if you're facing the orchestra). 

Peter Pan


Art Deco
I don't think this is particularly themed to anything Disney, but it reminds me of the Pan Pacific auditorium that the entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios is modeled after, and I like it. 


Beauty and the Beast


Even the filler landscape is made out of chocolate shavings. 

As mentioned, a few eggs were displayed by themselves throughout the lobby. This one stole my heart. It's a nod to the fountain inside the lobby of the Grand Floridian DVC unit. 

Mary Poppin's Penguins Fountain 

This egg was set back by the tea room. 

I assume it was because it was the first day of the display, and coincidentally the first day of Spring, but they had a singer in addition to the piano player. I've never seen an accompanist out, but perhaps that's because I'm not often there in the afternoon. For reference, this was around 4:00 or so. She was singing tunes from some favorite Disney flicks, and playing 'Disney Princess Trivia' with the kids in the audience. 

Speaking of kids, how cute is this? These four girls scrambled under the table to chat and listen to the music. I've blurred their faces because I don't know them, and I personally wouldn't want some stranger taking photos of my kids and posting them on the internet without my permission. 

"Just another day at the Grand, eh girls?"

As I made my way out of the main lobby to head to the DVC wing, I was fortunate enough to see the infamous Richard out front. He's been around for as long as I can remember, and is often found helping a bride carry the train to her dress on her wedding day. 

See, I told you I was slumming it in the Grand. 'Outfit' details below. 

This is the egg in the DVC lobby. It's off to the left when you walk in. Pretty pretty!

To get a view of my 'outfit' (I'm using that term loosely in this particular instance), I took a mirror selfie. 

Phish has just released their summer schedule, and I was feeling the vibe in a headscarf, a tshirt from my favorite raw foods market in Melbourne, and jean shorts. 

Plus, my shirt is from Happy Healthy Human, and it was National Happiness Day, so there ya go. #Themeing 

The mirror is intentionally 'weathered,' fyi. I don't need to clean my lens that badly. 

Pucci headscarf (one heck of a find in a TJ Maxx type store years ago, similar here, which is fabulous, actually!) // Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses (old, similar here) // Destination D D23 Magic Band // FitBit Charge HR // Happy Healthy Human tshirt // J.Crew Factory jean shorts  (old, similar here and on sale for only $14.99!!!)// Dooney & Bourke wristlet (used as a hip pack) (similar here)

I seriously love a good head scarf. They're perfect for a bad hair day, or to squeeze an extra day out between washings. I have such fine, thin hair that I try to wash every three days, but even with dry shampoo it gets greasy, fast. TMI? I dunno. We're all friends here. 

Be sure to stop in to see the chocolate Easter eggs at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa sometime between now and April 10, 2015. 

*This post contains a few amazon affiliate links. You know the gig-- same price to you, small commission to me, which tries to keep Dressing For Disney out of hobby status. :) 


  1. yay, thanks for sharing your beautiful egg photos! don't think i'll make it up while they're still on display so this was perfect. :)

    1. You are so welcome, and thanks for reading! This is one of my favorite little holiday gems at WDW, and one I look forward to each year. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing them Easter weekend!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Easter trip!

  3. These eggs were so beautiful and creative! How fun is that!
    What made you become such a fanatic?
    Along with all the fun Easter traditions; it's a great time to really pause and think about the true meaning of Easter.
    I am looking forward to thinking of Christ and all he did for us this upcoming Easter Sunday.
    There's a beautiful video out about the true meaning that I'd love to share with you:
    Let me know your thoughts/what you think about it.
    What are your favorite easter traditions?

    1. Hi Winter, thanks for reading and commenting! I don't know how I became such a fanatic- I've always enjoyed the parks, but it's the history that really grabs me. The more history I learn, the more I appreciate the parks and more. Thanks for asking!
      Thanks for sharing the video; I look forward to checking it out. I too like celebrating the true meaning of Easter; as wonderful as Christmas is, I feel that Easter is the most 'important' day for Christians. What a beautiful gift we've been given, and what hope we have in Him!
      And one of my favorite Easter traditions is spending time with family (and checking out the eggs at the Grand Flo, of course;)

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